AYSO Referees

Thank you for thinking about being a referee. Whether you actively volunteered or were recruited (many of us started this way), refereeing is a great way to get involved in AYSO soccer. And it is FUN… really.

The benefits of being a referee

  • You get a great view of every game you do
  • You get to pick which games you want to referee
  • No mid-week commitments
  • Your kids will think it is cool when you go out to referee
  • Did we mention it’s fun

What are the prerequisites for becoming a referee?

  • None!
  • We will teach you everything you need to know and give you a cool referee uniform

How do you become a referee?
1. Volunteer Online

  • Go to your family profile (under the My Account tab) at www.ayso70.com
    • If no one from your family has created a profile, create one here
  • In the family profile, click on your name and check the Referee box, then click on the "Update Contact Information" button
  • You also need to go to eAYSO.org and log on (or create a new profile if you have not logged on before)
  • Click on: Apply as a new adult volunteer (for more information, click here)
  • Follow the instructions. Region 70 accepts eSignatures, so you don’t need to print the information out or send it in
  • Sign up for a training course in eAYSO. If you have trouble finding a course, contact the Regional Referee Administrator (rra@ayso70.org), who will help you

2. Training

  • All referee volunteers must complete the Safe Haven training. This can be done Online at aysotraining.org. If you have done Safe Haven as a coach, then you do not need to do it again
  • To be a referee for the U6 and U8 divisions, you can take the U8 Official Course or the Basic Referee Course (if you are familiar with soccer, we recommend the Basic Referee Course over the U8 Official Course).
  • To be a referee in the U10 division or higher, you must take the Basic Referee Course
  • The U8 Official Course is a 4 hour in-person course. At the end of the class, you will take a short test and receive a referee t-shirt and whistle. With this U8 training, you may only officiate games up to and including the U8 division
  • There are two ways to take the Basic Referee Course:
    • Take an 8 hour in-person course
    • Take a 2 part course involving Online training and a 3 hour in-person course (the "Basic Referee Companion Course")
  • In both cases, you will take a test covering the basics of the training and receive a full referee kit, including: uniform (gold jersey, shorts & socks), whistle, flags, cards and a Regional Referee badge for your uniform
  • This Regional training allows you to officiate any AYSO game
  • Currently scheduled courses can be found here
  • For more information about badge levels, click here

3. Go out and do some games

  • The best way to get better as a referee is to do games
  • In the first few weeks of the season, we have experienced referees at most fields to help guide you.
  • For new Regional Referees, we recommend being an Assistant Referee (AR) for a senior referee or running your own game with a mentor present
  • Mentors will provide as much (or as little) assistance as you request

Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible on the field. Once you are comfortable on the field, you will have fun. And if you have fun, the kids will have fun.

Ways to make refereeing as easy as it can be

  • At the U6-U8 levels, you may referee your own children’s game. This gives you a chance to get involved while adding no extra time commitment to your weekend
  • You pick the time and date – our inLeague self-scheduling software makes this quick and simple
  • Volunteer to referee the game before your child’s game. You need to turn up early for your child’s game anyway, so get there a little earlier and have them watch you (or their friends playing in your game). It’s a great way to turn the tables – ask them how you did
  • Start out as an AR. It is easy and a great way to gain confidence.
  • You are welcome to officiate at any age level your are certified for. Feel free to referee in divisions that your child is not in. Younger or older, it is your choice

Advance and upgrade

  • The more games you do, the better you become as a referee, so we reward referees with small tokens of our appreciation as you reach milestones in each season
  • Plus, we will have the occasional raffle for great prizes. The number of tickets you have in the raffle will be based on the number of games you have officiated
  • As you get more comfortable refereeing, we encourage you to advance to higher divisions. Just doing a few games (even as an AR) in a higher division will make you a better referee in your division
  • As your skill increases, you can take referee upgrade classes:
    • Intermediate for U12
    • Advanced for U14
    • National for U19
  • These classes teach you more about the subtleties of the Laws of the Game and how to manage the match. For information about upcoming classes, click here


Volunteer Registration

Volunteers must register through the national AYSO website each year, regardless of whether you have registered and coached in prior years.

Youth Volunteers

Children 10 years of age and older may become AYSO Referees (and get credit for community service). A youth referee must be 2 years older than the players they are refereeing: a 10 year old can referee up to U8, a 12 year old can referee up to U10, etc. For information on how to volunteer, contact the

Referee Training

Training sessions are offered for new referees, and for returning referees with experience.