How to self schedule your games

    1. Log onto:
    2. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions by clicking on Register as a New User and make sure you check the Referee box in your personal profile.
    3. Click on the Referees tab at the top of the page. If that does not take you to the scheduler, click on the Self-Scheduler link under the Referees tab. If you do not have a Referees tab, make sure the Referee box is checked in your personal profile.
    4. The current week will be visible. If you wish to sign up for games in another week click the Next Week link or select the date from the drop down box at the top right.
    5. Sign up for as many games as you want by clicking on the SIGN UP buttons for each assignment you want. If the game has already been taken, the word PENDING will be visible instead.
    6. We generally confirm games on Friday evening. Until that time, you can always come back and hit the REMOVE button to remove yourself from that game.
    7. Review the status of the schedule anytime by visiting

As always, contact the Regional Referee Administrator ( with any questions about this process.