Referee Training

AYSO offers extensive training for referees from U8 Officials up to dealing with the most advanced high school age players.   Region 70 offers both the U8 Official Course (good for new referees who don't know soccer and are only doing U6 or U8 games) and the Basic Referee Course (for those who know soccer and those who will referee U10 and above). Classes are usually held in late August and early September.  To register for training, log in to eAYSO and click on "Course Signup" under the MyeAYSO tab (see instructions below). You can also obtain training through our neighboring regions.  For more information about training, contact the Regional Referee Administrator (


Safe Haven Training

All Referee volunteers must take the Safe Haven Training. Region 70 highly recommends that all new volunteers take the Online Safe Haven Training. This can be done at your leisure at Note, you will need your AYSO ID number, which you can get from your eAYSO account.

Region 70 Training Schedule (2013)

We have completed our 2013 Classes. Please check back next year for a new schedule.


Area 1P Training Opportunities

Up to date information about Area 1P training opportunities and Area referee meetings can be found at:

Section 1 Roadshow
All referee courses will be offered at the Section One Roadshow at Arcadia over the first weekend of 2014. For details, see the Referee Flyer.
Enroll at
Contact:  For more information, please contact Gary Whitaker (


How to sign up for a course

If you plan to referee in Region 70 and you have not indicated that you are a referee on our local website, click here, log in and open your Personal Profile (click on your name in the Family Profile section under the My Accounts tab). Then check the Referee box and click on "Update Contact Information" at the bottom of the page.

Signing up at eAYSO
- Log on to eAYSO. If you do not have an eAYSO account, register here as a new user. If you have an account but cannot remember your log-in details, contact the Regional Referee Administrator ( Do not create a new account if you already have one.

- Click on "Course Signup" under the "My eAYSO" tab (see image at bottom right of the page)

- Search using these parameters:
State: "CA"
Section: "1"
Area: "P"
Course: "Basic Referee Online Companion Course"
or "U-8 Official" (to referee U6 and U8 games only)
or "Basic Referee Course" (an 8-hr class not offered in Region 70 this year)

- Sign up for the course of your choice. Courses in our region are listed as 1/P/70 (you can go to a class in a neighboring region if the date works better for you)

- Please make sure you have filled in your 2013 Volunteer form (also done at eAYSO) - you do NOT need to print this out or mail it in if you use the eSignature option (which we highly recommend). For detailed instructions, click here

- If you sign up for the Online Companion Course, you must do the Online Basic Referee Course before you come to the Companion Course. It can be found at:  (you will need your AYSO ID # from eAYSO)

- If you have not taken the Safe Haven Course, you must do so before becoming certified. We ask that you take the Online Safe Haven course before coming to the class. This course is found at:  (you will need your AYSO ID # from eAYSO to access the class)

If you have any questions, please contact theRegional Referee Administrator (


Uniforms and Referee Equipment

If you completed your training in another region or did not receive a T-shirt (for U-8 Officials) or a complete refere kit (for Regional Referees), please contact our Regional Referee Equipment Czar - Bruce Ashton (


On-Line Training

Through the interactive training site (requires an AYSO ID number):


sample image

Safe Haven Training

Additional information about Safe Haven is available at

Other Areas

The training schedule for can be found on the eAYSO website under the heading "Course Signup."  under the "My eAYSO tab".

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